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I am almost in tears remembering sneaking these books to read under bed covers, during classes, and forgetting to eat to find time in my own quiet spot not to be found during lunch time to devour this series. These are the first books I ever read These books made me the book worm I am today I love all 22 yes 22 books in this amazing series Ann,Julian,Dick,George and Timmy the dog LOVE adventure and the result is fantastic I love the adventures,the rage,the characters and off course the people the Famous Five meet along the way A MUST READ and one off Enid Blytons best moments BRILLIANT 10 10.Bye 4 Now Smoochies xxx Good old Enid Blyton as sexist as these books read today, I still love them I have read this series so many many times I have some of my mum s old set, my set and now have passed them onto my daughter, who also devoured them I mean, how much better can you get for kids having exciting adventures together camping, hiking, spying, exploring, being caught, freeing each other, catching the bad guys with some stern words from Julian and a growl from the ever present Timmy the dog George has her own island for goodness sake That is awesome Generally this is a great, innocent series from the days back when life was much simplier and free ie no tv s , kids could run around outside and go camping without perverts everywherethey could just BE kids Great series, very much recommend. Any series of books that got its own corner of my room, encouraged me to draw treasure maps and made me ask my Dad to build a secret entrance into my room through my wardrobe deserves 4 I read them all as a child at the rate of one book every one and a half hours I grew up on Enid Blyton books and devoured all of the Famous Five series, then when I ran out read all of my younger brother s Secret Seven even though I much preferred Famous Five and Enid s other books As a grown up I look at her body of work in awe she was so prolific and she certainly helped develop creativity in her readers I m still in the process of writing and illustrating my second children s picture book the stand alone sequel to my first book One Lost Feather www.facebook.com onelostfeather A physiotherapist physical therapist for 17years in my own private practice in Australia, I continue to work as an actress, voiceover artist and model I love shares investing and have recently become a real estate agent I am in the process of selecting from a body of over 400 poems I have written over the years to include in my first poetry anthology It s amazing where life takes us sometimes as long as we remember who we are and be guided by good words, good thoughts, good deeds and good intentions Let s together make this world a better place 3 With love and sunshine, Lai Peng Chan www.imdb.me laipengchan These books played a very constructive role in my life I have grown up reading them Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy have played a rather important part in my life I have read all the 21 books in the series, and even now, whenever I get low, I read them again.Enid Blyton has to be the greatest children s writer ever I owe my childhood to her I have read almost all her works Famous Five to Secret Seven to Malory Towers To St Claire s to the Enchanted Wood series And still I cannot get over how beautifully she writes She captures our imagination, and keeps us so hooked that we begin to associate ourselves to the characters I love the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that follows each book as I complete it I have seldom felt this way when I read other books.Unfortunately it is not everyday that I meet a person who reads Children these days are interested in cartoons and video games as compared to books Children s Authors are already a dying breed Of late I have not encountered someone who has said to me that he or she has read Famous Five or Secret Seven.One of the reasons why we tend to cling on to Classics like these is because we know that there can never be someone who writes them the way they are simple, heart warming and genuinely delightful. I remember reading these and The Three Detectives series as a kid I loved them A group of kids going on adventures Camping, hiking and generally having loads of fun Yeah, they were brilliant for a kid like me They got to do all the things I never did because honestly, I just haven t come across to many smugglers or murderers or mysteries in general , and I must have read all than once at least I m not sure they d hold up with me now, but I ll definitely try to pass them on to my kids someday, because they certainly kept 10 year old me plenty entertained. Being a non native english reader These are what introduced me to the language itself These were the gateway to the world of books for me I d still choose to be the boy with eyes brimming of adventure, when I was reading this 10 years ago. The Famous Five Novel Series Wikipedia The Famous Five Is A Series Of Children S Adventure Novels Written By English Author Enid Blyton The First Book, Five On A Treasure Island, Was Published InThe Famous Five TV Series IMDb The Famous Five Are Staying At Tinker S Demons Rock Lighthouse They Are Intrigued When Delightfully Grizzle Faced Salty Old Sea Dog Mr Boogle Tells Them A The Famous Five Season , EpisodeFive Go To Five Go To Kirrin Island Part Full Movie Original TransmissionJuly JulyJulian, Dick And Anne Arrive At Kirrin Cottage For The Holidays George Is Not Very Happy WithThe Famous Five Children S Books Wiki FANDOM Description The Famous Five Are A Series Ofbooks Written By Enid Blyton, And Are Mystery Adventures The Five Are Georgina Preferred Name George And Her Dog, Timmy, With Her Three Cousins, Julian, Dick And Anne Famous Five Enid Blyton The Famous Five The Famous Five Are A Group Of Children Who Have The Sort Of Adventures Most Kids Dream About, In A World Where Ginger Beer Flows And Ham Rolls Are A Staple Diet Julian, Dick And Anne Get Together With Their Cousin George In The First Adventure, Five On A Treasure Island Famous Five The Canadian Encyclopedia Alberta S Famous Five Were Petitioners In The Groundbreaking Persons Case, A Case Brought Before The Supreme Court Of Canada Inand Later Decided By The Judicial Council Of Britain S Privy Council, Canada S Highest Court At The Time The Famous Five TV SeriesIMDb Find Industry Contacts Talent Representation Access In Development Titles Not Available On IMDb Get The Latest News From Leading Industry Trades Le Club Des Cinq Wikipdia Le Club Des Cinq Titre Original The Famous Five, Littralement Les Clbres Cinq Est Une Srie De Romans D Aventures Pour Enfants Et Jeunes Adolescents Crite Par Enid Blyton Et The Famous Five Canada Wikipedia The Famous Five Have Been Commemorated With Individual And Group Plaques In The Foyer And Antechamber Of Canada S Senate, And Two Identical Sculptures By Canadian Artist Barbara Paterson, One On Parliament Hill In Ottawa, The Other At The Olympic Plaza In Calgary The Women Famou These Five Albertan Women Were Drawn Together By The Tides Of History And A Shared Idealism Each Was A True Leader In Her Own Right One A Police Magistrate, Another A Legal Expert Who Founded The National Council For Women, And Three Served As Members Of The Legislative Assembly Of Alberta And They Did All This Before They Were Even Fully Defined As Persons Under Canadian And British Law A good read, can pick up anytime and re read Timeless stories.