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Best E Book, The Inheritance Cycle The Inheritance Cycle 1 4 By Christopher Paolini This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Inheritance Cycle The Inheritance Cycle 1 4 , Essay By Christopher Paolini Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I stayed with this story simply because I had already started it when I found my love of reading fantasy I do like the concept of the story, even though as many others have said, that it seems to be a collection of other stories That honestly doesn t bother me He twisted them and made a story from his imagination using what has obviously influenced him Again that doesn t bother me What bothers me is how he explains himself before any character does anything Over and over and it makes me want to throw the damn book across the room Except that it s on my iPad or on my phone and that would be costly Everything is G rated and that doesn t bother me since I knew that going in On a whole this series just isn t for me. I made the mistake of watching the movie Eragon before I read any of the books After reading just the first book you really realize what a hack job they did on the movie Aside from special effects that really were quite good, the rest of the movie could have been put together in a much better way I was captivated by these books than I have ever been before I couldn t put it down after I started reading, I would just get lost in the world of Alagaesia, that Eragon and his charasmatic dragon Saphira lived,fought and survived in Christopher Paolini is a fantasy world genius I love the way he layered in many culturally different peoples ways of living and folklore along with their unique cities, towns and villages It takes a brilliant,imaginative and intuitive mind to create a land the likes of Alagaesia the way he did Not to mention that he started writing Eragon and graduated high school when he was but 15 years old I would recommend this series of books to anyone that has an interest in fantasy stories, medieval times,sword fighting, dragons, elves dwarves magic folklore of elves dwarves, or anything relating to any of these topics I could go on and on about how great all 4 books are but you need to find that out for yourself. Gonna tell you a lil story This story begins with me as probably an 11 year old picking up a copy of a blue book somewhere or other and beginning an odyssey of love hate.Listen I own all 4 books in this series and when the last one was released I angrily snapped it up from the shelf the very instant it arrived And I can laugh at them, pretend to hate them, point out all the nonsense and the plot holes and the misogyny which isn t as bad as I remember it, now that I ve reread the books still, there is an awful lot of Male Character was surprised Nasuada spoke so powerfully, even though she was female going on here all I want And I can read and re read Swankivy s brilliant analysis of everything wrong with these novels all I want and I will, because I love em But that does not change the facts, of which there are two 1 As a writer, and especially when I was a young writer, I was and am awfully, dreadfully jealous of Christopher Paolini Like em or not, and whether or not he lifted the story from Star Wars, this guy had written four tomes by the time he was I think no older than 28 TomesAnd reading this series, the depth of imagination on display and even if it s a rip off you can t deny it s a well thought out rip off is enormous, gigantic and unmistakable I am damn jealous of this guy I wish I had 1 4th of his talent nay, a teaspoon.2 I can deny this all I want, but now I am officially coming out and saying it I like these books They are re readable They, in some capacity, make me think And they are enjoyable I will not relent in criticizing them and saying that in spots they are weak, plot hole filled, shot through with Dauthdaert ex machina, and infuriating in their turn But I will not stop enjoying them They are guilty pleasures, but not so guilty that I d be ashamed to openly read them on the subway That s like Twilight level shame And I do not have that I like the Inheritance Cycle There, I ve admitted it Have I lost all my credibility Probably I m going to go make some sort of food Food is good. I was going to introduce this review by giving a quick synopsis of the series, but saying something like, The Inheritance Cycle is the beautifully woven story of a boy and his dragon was not something that I was interested in doing So I ll just say this If you have ever read The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or basically any good fantasy novel, you are going to fall in love with this book before the end of the first page I have long ago waged war against any form of what most call spoilers , but I call Satan, so I ll leave you with that and, although I may not be the best at summary composition, I can still give you my full opinion hopefully it s valued When I first started reading this series, I was completely blown away Everything history has to say about dragons is completely negative, not one story incorporating the beast without some sort of protagonist vs antagonist showdown where the dragon is, undoubtedly, the one causing trouble But finally, after a nice few years of trial and error, there was a good, quality fiction book where these magnificent creatures were displayed in the spotlight they deserve Christopher Paolini s writing is absolutely brilliant, with the character development and plot structure just as incredible I really thought I had found my ideal book, my pedestal worthy center piece that is, until Inheritance came out The ending made me want to riot in the streets, and made me feel the need to demand retribution for why the author had to make such a blunder now, right when he was so close to finishing his masterpiece I don t want to elaborate on this, a most touchy subject for me and one filled to the brim with spoilers , but I would just like any and all readers to beware I m still giving this series 4 stars, and they are still quite near the top of my list as some of the best books that I ve ever read, so it will definitely be worth your time trust me I just advise against entering the last stages unprepared I hope this helped your outlook on whether to consider these as worthy candidates for your shelf.