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Everyone One Has Something They Try To HideFor Katerina It S Her Stutter Especially When She S Around Paul, The Good Looking Son Of Her Family S Caretaker She Can Never Tell If He Is Making Fun Of Her Or Just Being Friendly Then She Discovers A New Species Of Bird, The Silent Spillbill When Spillbills Are Blamed For Causing Two Airplane Crashes, Katerina Must Stand Up To Her Fearswith The Help Of An Unexpected AllyA Finely Drawn, Romantic Story About A Girl S Struggle To Accept Her Limitations And Come Into Her Own, From One Of The Most Respected Children S Authors Writing TodayAges

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    I bought the book think our grandchildren would enjoy it, but first I read it and found it well written, worthy of reading I brings one to reflect on choices and relationships The young people take on challenges and overcome personal hesitations and misgivings Nothing condescending about this book and rewarding to read.

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    A very well written story Interesting characters and a good plot I would have liked it better if it wasn t all about saving bird species I enjoy nature, but I don t think that a bird s life is equal to a man s life Birds have no souls.

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    This is such a sweet inspiration I have family who suffer as the heroine does and to see her overcome it in such simple means was truly a joy It is not fantasy by any means and I think it holds true to life very well.